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Hire Pre-Vetted Remote
Android SDK Developers

Hire Pre-Vetted Remote
Android SDK Developers

Top Dev is an exclusive marketplace of pre-vetted elite remote Android SDK Developers. Leading firms and startups choose Top Dev to hire top tech talent on-demand for their most important projects.

Top Dev is an exclusive marketplace of pre-vetted elite remote Android SDK Developers. Leading firms and startups choose Top Dev to hire top tech talent on-demand for their most important projects.

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HOW IT WORKS How to Hire with Top.dev

HOW IT WORKS How to Hire with Top.dev

It all starts with a briefing call to understand your requirements. We aim to go from call to presenting your first matches in 48 hours.

THE TOP 1% TALENTHire Elite Pre-Screened Android SDK Developers

Check out some of the talent we work with. Please note that names and images have been changed to preserve the privacy of our talent.

Alex D., Kyiv/Ukraine
Senior Android (Java, OOP, Android SDK) developer

My professional experience includes 10+ years of software development. I’m involved in a full cycle of application development for Android and have excellent knowledge of Java, OOP, Android SDK, C#, .NET Framework. I also excel at supporting and refactoring legacy code.

I have strong skills in:
Java, OOP, Android SDK, Kotlin (basic level)
Custom UI/Layouts, Custom View
Complex RecyclerView, Complex Adapter
RxJava, RxBinding
Multiple screen resolutions/sizes
Activity, Fragment, Complex Dialogs, Intents, Broadcast Receiver, Content Provider, Services, WebView, LayoutManager
RESTful API (Retrofit with Rx, HttpClient, OkHttp)
Google Maps
SQLite (Room)
Google Play Services, Firebase, Push-notification
C#, ASP.NET, WPF, Entity Framework

Support legacy code, CodeReview, Refactoring

Andrii Z., Kyiv/Ukraine
Head of Android department

My career starts as a software developer in mid-2006, so current experience is 12+ years. Last 6 years in focusing on Android development with 2 years experience managing up to 10 other mobile developers.

60+ Projects completed

have strong skills in:
Java, OOP, Android SDK
Custom UI/Layouts and custom views
Complex RecyclerView with complex adapter
RxJava, RxBinding
Multiple screen resolutions/sizes
RESTful API (Retrofit with Rx, HttpClient, OkHttp)
Google Maps, Firebase services (notifications, database, crash reporting, remote config)
SQLite (native and Room)
Google Play Services

PHP, actionscript3, flash, OpenCV (python & Android), augmented reality, python, MySQL, javascript, CSS, Apache, ngnix, svn, git, photoshop

Kostiantyn B., Lviv/Ukraine, Seattle/USA
Qt C\C++ Full-stack developer

A hard-working and highly proficient engineer Kostyantyn has been working in commercial software development since 2010. Kostyantyn started his career with embedded systems projects based on AVR and ARM microcontrollers, for industrial devices. He was using C/C++ programming language, Qt library, and embedded Linux OS. His responsibilities included software development as well as preparation technical documentation for the manufacturer of electronic devices. Also he has a team-lead experience. Since 2012 Kostyantyn was switched to the mobile development, and started as IOS developer and continued as Android developer further. Kostyantyn has proven experience in software development as a team member as well as technical lead. At this moment he's focused on the mobile development for the Android based devices and looking for new challenging projects.

Vasile B., Chisinau/Moldova
Android Engineer with the passion for mobile software development.

Vasile is a Senior Android developer and a great team player. He enjoys keeping-up with technologies, learning on new challenges and has the ability of understanding the clients narative prior to pursuing technical execution. Last, but not the least: Vasile is the only developer in our company with over 5 years of experience in developing complex android applications.

Vitalii O., San Francisco/USA, Kharkiv/Ukraine
React Native/ React js Tech Lead

-5 years of commercial software development
-Object-oriented and functional programming and design
-Experience in major programming languages, databases, operating hardware and software
-Full-cycle app development

Roman U., Lviv/Ukraine
Senior Android Developer

Proficient in Kotlin and Java programming languages, Android SDK and related technologies. Excellent teamwork and communication skills. Over 8 years experience in IT.

Stanislav P., Kharkiv, Dnipro, Kyiv / Ukraine
Android software developer

Android software developer experienced inObject oriented programming & design; Mobile applications architecture design & developing (including embedded applications); Android UI/UX design, layouts developing; Database architecture design and development for mobile applications. Digital signal processing and other computation algorithms implementation. Wide experience of code re-engineering and optimization by structure and performance.

Alex Z., Khmelnitskiy/Ukraine
Software developer / Middle Android developer / Team Lead

Android-developer with 5+ years of experience in building, integrating, testing and
supporting Android applications for mobile and tablet devices on the Android
- Developed a number of projects using Java, RxJava, Android SDK.
- Core competency lies in development Android client-server applications and
applications using motion sensors, GPS location, Google services, realtime
- Experience of working with Web services API(SOAP, REST, RESful) and WebSocket protocol
- Experience in using such DB as Realm, Firebase, SQLite.
- Team Lead, mentor for students-trainees, speaker at conferences.

Alexander A., Minsk/Belarus
Senior Android developer with 6+ years experience in working on applications of varying complexity.

Senior Android developer, good team player and also has ability to work independently. I like keep up with technologies, learn something new and interesting. I have an ability to easy understand tasks and solve it in time.

Anton B., Khmelnitskiy/Ukraine
Senior Android developer

Android-developer with 5+ years of experience in building, integrating, testing, publishing and supporting Android applications for mobile and tablet devices on the Android platform. Deep experience in cross-platform development for Android and iOS with React Native.
Worked on 20+ projects using Java, Kotlin, Android SDK, React Native, C#, Unity.
Contributed to a lot of popular open source Android libraries, wrote a number of technical articles in different blogs about development.

Artem D., Las Vegas/USA, Dnepropetrovsk/Ukraine, Alicante/Spain, Minsk,Grodno/Belarus
Senior Android Engineer

Artem is a Senior Android Developer but he has also a very valuable experience in an Economics sphere as he was a Lead Economist in Prominvestbank. As a consequence, in addition to his Software Experience, Artem also knows perfectly all the financial processes of the enterprise and possesses distinguished management skills. It helps him to work with projects tied to finance and team management.

Artem has been in charge of the project types below:

- System for insides publishing;
- A discussion platform for schools;
- A time and resources management system, Tracker;
- App for marketing and selling custom- tailored paintings;
- Puzzle game;
- IoT Smart Home device;

In general, Artem is a well experienced Android specialist with a deep knowledge in Software Development prosses and enterprises finances.

Schedule a call with us in order to get more info about Artem's experience.

Illia D., Ukraine, Kharkiv
Senior Android developer with experience in Flutter

Loves Kotlin and married with Java. A highly-experienced developer with mathematics background. Prefers MVVM structure and knows how to make apps optimized. Recently started working with Flutter.
Easy-going, result-driven, productive and self-motivated. These are all necessary components that make clients satisfied.

Stanislav S., Minsk/Belarus
Senior Android developer with 5 years experience in development Android applications.

As Android Developer took part and successfully develop large amount of different project types. Responsive, friendly, goal-oriented. Facing challenges motivates me doing a good job.

Vladyslav K., Kyiv/Ukraine, Delaware/USA
Senior Android Developer

5+ years IT professional in software development in a field of Android applications for small and large enterprises. Have solid understanding and knowledge of object-oriented approach, software engineering principles and concepts. Have experience in creating application and drivers, design and development of databases, reverse engineering application and libs.

Serhiy M., Atlanta/US, Kremenchuk/Ukraine
Android developer with decent backend expertise

I am a software developer with 9+ years of progressive development experience. My experience includes 5 years of mobile application development and 4 years of Rich Internet Applications development. In addition, I work with different technologies that allow me to stay abreast of new development trends within the industry. I can quickly adapt to a new coding convention and have strong experience in software development. I am happy working independently or in a team environment, and apply a positive attitude to every project.

Eugene P., Minsk/Belarus
I am a passionate Android developer. I am a self-motivated and a goal-oriented developer with 4.5 years of experience in mobile development.

I enjoy exploring new technologies and improving my coding skills. I have an ability to easy understand tasks and solve it in time. Fast learner, interested in latest trends of the Android development. Team player, communicative, responsible person.

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