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Top Dev is an exclusive marketplace of pre-vetted elite freelance developers, designers and data scientists. Leading firms and startups choose Top Dev to hire top tech talent on-demand.

Top Dev is an exclusive marketplace of strictly pre-vetted elite freelance developers, designers and data scientists for hire on demand.

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Check out some of the talent we work with. Please note that names and images have been changed to preserve the privacy of our talent.

Todor P., Skopje/Macedonia
Senior front-end, backend and Android developer. Experience with iOS (Objective-C), Android, RubyOnRails and Angular. Tech lead with 8+ experience

Experienced in multiple technologies, which most of the experience, 7+ years goes to mobile (Android) and back-end (Ruby on Rails) with dozen of projects completed/published and front-end (SPA, Angular 2,4) with few projects. Proven to be a team lead, mentor and solution architect. Always diligent to his work and team, vast in management skills and leading others. Able to work in different time-zones, can work with flexible working time, for limited period able to come and work on-site . Persistent learner and always eager for new knowledge and technologies.

Ihor D., Kyiv/Ukraine
Full-stack JavaScript developer and React Native developer

Proficient in JavaScript, C#, C++, Java programming languages. Familiar with Eclipse, Intellij Idea, Spring, Hibernate, Maven and low-level programming. Excellent math, physics and electronics skills through participation in various contests, and Olympiads.
Quick in mastering new technological tools and programming languages.

Kiril K., Kyiv/Ukraine
Lead Blockchain Developer: Ethereum/Solidity, Hyperledger, Multichain

12+ years dev experience, managing team (up to 30 specialists), released more than 100 apps. Worked on software for Chrysler & Ferrari. Teaching courses on iOS and Blockchain.

Nataliya S., Lviv/Ukraine
UI/UX designer, web designer, graphic designer

An experienced UI/UX and graphic designer with a perfect sense of elements and a lot of fresh ideas.
I am aware of current trends and have an interesting portfolio. Willing to work with open-minded customers who are not afraid of the non-standard solution.

Perfect in AdobePhotoshop, Adobe Illustrator, AdobeInDesign software.

If you need:
- website design
- app design
- logo design & branding
- flier design or banners
- corporate styling
I am ready to help you and satisfy your desire for beauty and excellence.

My motto is that the final product must not only be creative - it must be cultural. The design is a synthesis of technology and experience. Culture is the soul.

Alexander T., Ukraine
Full-Stack App Developer React.js | React Native | Node.js.

I am a React.js and React Native Expert with 5+ years of development practice. My expertise is building high-quality Web and Mobile Applications using the React Framework.

My background ranges from frontend coding to building backends that use cloud services, RESTful API, Firebase, etc. Regardless of the projects type, my aim is to create scalable and flexible applications with the clear and extensile codebase.

- React Native | React Navigation
- React.js | Redux | Redux-Saga
- UI with Storybook
- Node.js | Firebase
- GraphQL | Apollo | Realm
- HTML5 | CSS3 | SASS | LESS | Bootstrap
- MySQL | PgSQL | MongoDB

I am always open to new ideas and like solving challenges. Don’t hesitate to contact me regardless of project complexity you need!

Oleksandr K., Vinnytsia, Kyiv/Ukraine
Software Developer/Architect with a Data Science background.

13+ years in IT. Software developer, architect, team/tech lead (Xamarin, .NET, ASP.NET, Mobile, Chatbots). PhD. in Computer Science (Data Mining, information search, NER/NLP tasks).

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (Artificial Intelligence, previously -
ASP.NET MVC and Windows Development), Microsoft Regional Director.

Awarded as "The Best Professional in Software Architecture".

Talk to me about: Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobile Development, Software Development, IoT, SaaS (Software as a Service), HTML5, Data analytics, Microsoft Azure, .NET, Visual Studio, ASP.NET, C#, Xamarin, Chatbots, Azure Cognitive Services, NER, AI/ML, Open Data, Smart City.

…and many more.
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