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Frequently Asked Questions

Top Dev helps you find top-quality freelancers for your most important software projects. Read our FAQs to find out more.


  • How do I start a project?

    Start by filling out a project request or directly schedule a call with our technical hiring managers. Once we understood your requirements we aim to match you with best-fit talent within 48 hours. We typically recommend you 3 profiles that we feel are a good fit with your individual project requirements.

  • Where can I see / book freelancers?

    Feel free to browse our skill catalogue to view top freelancers in your desired subject domain. We typically only show a "preview selection" of the freelance talent you can book with Top Dev. The actual matching happens after we understood your project requirements. After our initial scoping call we will present you with talent matches into your email inbox usually within 48 hours. Once you decided who is the best fit (with our without interviews), you can connect directly with the freelancer and start the project.

  • Where do you get your talent from?

    Freelancers and agency professionals apply to Top Dev to be listed on our platform. We regularly attend conferences and meetups to meet new and exciting talent. Ready to become a Top Dev developer? Apply here.

  • How are you different from Upwork?

    Upwork can be a great platform to discover freelancing talent but what they lack is a strict quality and screening layer. Top Dev screens every single candidate on multiple dimensions and typically only accepts the Top 1% of applicants. Think of us as the Ivy League of Freelancing. Leading startups and sizeable enterprises trust Top Dev to hire elite tech talent for important projects.

  • Can I also book entire project teams?

    Yes you can. We are able to source fullly managed project teams including project managers, developers, designers and QA testers.

  • What are your prices / rates?

    Our rates vary by location and seniority but typically are as follows: Junior ($30 - 40/h), Middle ($40 - 50/h), Senior ($60 -70/ h).

  • How does payment / invoicing work?

    All invoicing and payments are handled via Top Dev directly. Invoices are issued twice per month with 10-day net payment terms. You are able to pay with bank transfer and most credit cards.

  • Where are developers based?

    We work with developers around the world and don't have a preference for location. But we do have a significant proportion of our freelancer based in Eastern Europe.

  • Where do the developers work?

    Most work remotely from their home-office or a co-working space.

  • Can developers also work on-premise?

    Yes. We are happy to source talent for you that will be able to work on-site for your most critical projects.

  • Are all developers under NDA?

    Yes. All developers have to sign an NDA prior to engaging with your project.


  • How do I start?

    Get started by filling out a few details about yourself here. We will then be in touch to discuss your individual screening requirements.

  • How do I get listed on Top Dev?

    You can easily apply to Top Dev here. After we have received your details and CV a first call is scheduled after which we will start your personal screening process.

  • How does the screening process work?

    All freelancers on Top Dev have to undergo a multi-step screening process which varies depending on subject domain and previous experience. Most screens involves the following components: skill assessment (e.g. coding challenge), language & communication tests, logic & creativity test and a final fit interview.

  • I passed the screening, what next?

    After successfully completing all screening requirements, you will be listed on our platform with a profile. You may also choose to keep your profile private, our talent executives will still be able match you with jobs that match your profile. None of our clients / jobs are displayed publicly on our platform. If we receive a project request that our talent execs feel fits well with your profile and availability, you will receive a personal "Project Invitation Email" to which you can reply to signal your interest. The first 3 candidates to respond to that email are then recommended to the client as a match. So it pays to keep your profile up to date and to be fast when a job request comes in. If the client ends up selecting you, we connect you directly and you are able to start work immediately. We do ask all of our freelancers to keep accurate time sheets during projects.

  • How much do I get paid?

    Our talent exects will recommend a rate that fits your skills and experience, but ultimately you are able to set your own hourly rate on Top Dev.

  • How much does Top Dev cost?

    Freelancers pay nothing to be listed on our platform. Just like other developer marketplaces we charge a matching commission on top of your rate which is paid by the client.

  • How does payment / invoicing work?

    We charge clients twice per month and pass on payments directly to our talent as it is received. Payment terms are 10 days from invoicing.

  • How much experience do I need?

    Our screening process varies by years of experience but we do require all talent to have at least a few years of work experience in their chosen subject domain. We do not require a university degree.

  • Who are your clients?

    We work with both startups and larger corporates. We accept clients globally but most of our engagements are in Europe and the US.

  • How long are typical projects?

    Usually around 2 - 4 months but often also a lot longer. We don't typically accept engagement requests that are less than one month in duration.

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