Stefan T.
  • Skopje/Macedonia
  • Architect / Team Lead
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Stefan T.

Tech lead and backend developer with extensive Android expertise, specialized at system architecture

Award winning and a Mensa member, Stefan is hard-working and highly proficient engineer with over 8 years of experience and genuine passion for architecting software solutions. Stefan is very detail-oriented and writes highly readable, clean, and maintainable code. By holding a Silver medal in the Macedonian Olympiad of Informatics, he possesses a extensive knowledge of algorithms, object oriented programming, MVC programming, and concurrent programming. Also, has a comprehensive experience working with Java EE, developing backend systems. Exceptional problem-solver with deep analytical skills and good management skills.


St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University, BA of Computer Science, DSU ”Rade Jovcevski – Korcagin” - Skopje, Secondary School for Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Industry Experience

Social Media & Communication, Entertainment & Games, Photo & Video

Product Experience

Real-time messaging app (enables chatting/ audio-/ videocalling), calendar mobile app, Event Networking, photo editing, platform where everybody could build a personal unique photo book by themselves, Camera application


Sep 15 - May 16
JavaEE Backend Developer, Backend Technical Lead

A chat application that allows the user to chat with other users transparently and without privacy. Although uncommon for a chat application, this app introduces novelty in the chat services. The users can browse through chats between other users and decide which users to talk to depending on the conversation created.

Feb 13 - Mar 14
Ruby on Rails developer

SphereCal is an app originally imagined to bring together people with common interests. It is activity-centric, providing quick and easy way to share user created events with a wider audience, thus creating new friendships that share the users’ sphere of interest. The original idea got expanded to include brand Spheres that can use SphereCal to organize events and keep in touch with its customer base.

Oct 12 - Dec 12
iOS developer

Camstar is an app that allows the user to take photos and videos and apply range of effects in live preview mode. The app’s target version was iOS 5.0. While developing this app, we used 4 custom OpenGL shaders for creating photos and videos with different effects. The app in its days reached great success as one of the first apps offering these options to the users.

Core Skills

  • Java8 years

  • Java EE8 years

  • Ruby on Rails3 years

  • Algorithm Development8 years

  • Android6 years

Programming Languages