Todor P.
  • Skopje/Macedonia
  • Architect / Team Lead
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Todor P.

Senior front-end, backend and Android developer. Experience with iOS (Objective-C), Android, RubyOnRails and Angular. Tech lead with 8+ experience

Experienced in multiple technologies, which most of the experience, 7+ years goes to mobile (Android) and back-end (Ruby on Rails) with dozen of projects completed/published and front-end (SPA, Angular 2,4) with few projects. Proven to be a team lead, mentor and solution architect. Always diligent to his work and team, vast in management skills and leading others. Able to work in different time-zones, can work with flexible working time, for limited period able to come and work on-site . Persistent learner and always eager for new knowledge and technologies.


DSU ”Rade Jovcevski – Korcagin” - Skopje, Secondary School for Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University – Skopje, Macedonia, Bachelor in Engineering Major: Informatics and Computer Engineering

Industry Experience

Social Media & Communication, Entertainment & Games, Travel & Tourism, Information services & Technologies

Product Experience

Real-time messaging app (enables chatting/ audio-/ videocalling), mobile games, 2D game, Game, Web application for hotel owners, hotel management application, Social app , Social network app for dating, Dating & Relationships, Dating App, Multiplatform games, android/iOS platforms, API application based on Ruby on Rails for different SPA applications, calendar mobile app, Event Networking


Sep 15 - May 16
Back end Ruby on Rails developer

A chat application that allows the user to chat with other users transparently and without privacy. Although uncommon for a chat application, this app introduces novelty in the chat services. The users can browse through chats between other users and decide which users to talk to depending on the conversation created.

Mar 15 - Dec 15
Backend Ruby on Rails developer

This application is a turn-based quiz game consisting of several rounds during one game. The purpose of the game is for the players to answer questions from 10 different categories (previously uploaded on server) by placing a pin on an offline map. The winner is decided based on the distance from the correct answer (e.g., placing a pin in Germany when the answer is in fact the US will result in roughly 5,000km).

Mar 15 - Nov 15
iOS developer and Ruby on Rails developer

Video application designed to enable creating video reviews for a number of hotel categories. The application allows the user to search for hotels based on one’s location and create video reviews for maximum of 9 categories per Hotel. The reviews can be created by recording up to 15-second videos which can consist of several sequences that can be reordered later on.

Mar 15 - Oct 15
Android developer and team lead

Unique chat application that allows users to chat while in pairs. The app requires users to sign up or login and search for their buddy so that they can like other users’ photos and apply for chat rooms. The Location service is essential part of the app since it gives more accurate results that can provide the user with relevant information.

Aug 13 - Mar 14
Ruby on Rails developer

Dating app with main purpose of finding people and their contact information which then can be copied and used in corresponding messengers like KikMessenger, Skype, Kakao, LINE, Yahoo IM, Snapchat, WeChat. The main challenges were mainly optimizing the filtering and the searching of the users by different criteria, uploading the images, creating API and scheduling push notifications which can be filtered by gender, platform and age. Separate Admin Panel was created to promote other in-house apps

Sep 13 - Feb 14
Ruby on Rails developer

Guide for Game is pretty self-explanatory app with main purpose of giving both text and video guides for different games (Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, etc.). This app was developed for iOS and Android platform along with server side development. The premise for this app was that it should be created as a template app and easily configurable. Within the app you can find embedded YouTube videos and text guides which were being cached.

Feb 13 - Apr 13
Ruby on Rails developer

SphereCal is an app originally imagined to bring together people with common interests. It is activity-centric, providing quick and easy way to share user created events with a wider audience, thus creating new friendships that share the users’ sphere of interest. The original idea got expanded to include brand Spheres that can use SphereCal to organize events and keep in touch with its customer base.