Kiril K.
  • Kyiv/Ukraine
  • Architect / Team Lead
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Kiril K.

Lead Blockchain Developer: Ethereum/Solidity, Hyperledger, Multichain

12+ years dev experience, managing team (up to 30 specialists), released more than 100 apps. Worked on software for Chrysler & Ferrari. Teaching courses on iOS and Blockchain.


Industry Experience

Law & Government, Banking & Finance, Environmental Activism & Social Organisations, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Entertainment & Games, Construction & Real estate

Product Experience

Document management web application, mobile financial management tool, Environment monitoring system/ enterprise app and server/ cameras streaming and recording, Middleware for integration of wallet services and consumers, A crypto-currency exchange, e-learning gamification solution, ICO


Sep 18 - Present
Tech Lead

Develop a solution that will allow owners of documents to confirm, transfer and share their ownership and have information of the latest signed document on the blockchain.The development of backend and frontend, development and audit of Ethereum smart contracts, blockchain consulting and business analysis.

Jan 18 - Present
Tech Lead

The financial trust platform for Scandinavian small business enterprises that builds confidence and incorruptible transparent network between customers, vendors and banks. Supported by blockchain.

Jan 18 - Present
Lead Blockchain Developer

RecycleChain is an open market for recyclables. Core of the system is the blockchain database, that’s stored and synced between all users. It will hold next data: 1. Amount, type and price of waste in possession of each player 2. Ownership transactions in a form of smart contracts 3. Trading balance in the internal blockchain currency (cryptocurrency)

Jan 18 - Present
Tech Lead, Blockchain Engineer

We integrated Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains via middleware. The purpose of it to act as a centralized smart exchange with the liquidity of Tokens and BTC that are held inside. Price discovery of exchange will be done by formula, so no more bids/asks.

Nov 18 - Jan 19
Lead Blockchain Engineer / Researcher

Protocol for Interchain Token Transfers between Ethereum and Bitcoin.The purpose of this proposal is to establish in details the mechanism for permission-less transferring of assets between Ethereum and Bitcoin. Usecases: Cross-chain transfer between Ethereum and Bitcoin is useful in fields such as: Stable coins, Decentralized exchange, Financial derivatives: More info on https://www.contractland.io/

Jan 18 - Feb 18
Tech Lead

Crypto Kitties had huge success in the Ethereum network. It game mechanics is pretty simple, but with the concept of ownership and commerce, it was enough to drive people. We'd like to test same mechanics in the traditional gamification space – as a motivational tool for good moves and work.

Nov 17 - Dec 17
Lead Blockchain Engineer

We’ve audited a set of smart contracts for the crowdsale. Logics included presale, gnosis multisig wallet, lockdowns and pauses. There was a set of 38 issues found. 3-4 high impact vulnerabilities, 5-6 medium, else low and notes.