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Hire Pre-Vetted Remote
iOS Developers

Hire Pre-Vetted Remote
iOS Developers

Top Dev is an exclusive marketplace of pre-vetted elite remote iOS Developers. Leading firms and startups choose Top Dev to hire top tech talent on-demand for their most important projects.

Top Dev is an exclusive marketplace of pre-vetted elite remote iOS Developers. Leading firms and startups choose Top Dev to hire top tech talent on-demand for their most important projects.

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HOW IT WORKS How to Hire with Top.dev

HOW IT WORKS How to Hire with Top.dev

It all starts with a briefing call to understand your requirements. We aim to go from call to presenting your first matches in 48 hours.

THE TOP 1% TALENTHire Elite Pre-Screened iOS Developers

Check out some of the talent we work with. Please note that names and images have been changed to preserve the privacy of our talent.

Ana Helena S., Guadalajara/Mexico
Senior Mobile Developer in iOS & Android

Ana is a mobile developer with a master’s degree in computer science and who understands the meaning of responsibility and good teamwork. Her recent accomplishments deal with Android/iOS implementations which commonly use MVC architecture and the REST API. Design-wise, her guiding principles are simplicity, speed, and efficiency.

Artem M., Kharkov, Ukraine
Senior/Lead developer with 9+ year of experience in iOS development

? 9+ year of experience in iOS development
? Experience in developing applications using Swift , Objective-C
? Good knowledge of OOP
? Good logical thinking, self-learning, high level of responsibility.
? Responsible, hard-working, result-oriented, creative and communicable, team player.
? Good attention to details.

Dima T., Chernivtsi/Ukraine
Senior iOS Developer

I have full understanding of the process of commercial software engineering, the life cycles in system development and importance of timely reports. Good skills in decision-making, leadership, team building and motivation - they always help me communicate effectively with my team and my customers. Experience in requirements analysis, effort estimation and task scheduling. I’ve got a lot of successfully finished projects and released products. I always pay attention to system usability and to source code quality as I have respect for colleagues who will continue with my initiative. I’ve got a lot of work experience in agile environments and have successfully integrated it into all of my projects since 2013. I can create full report of project status in a few minutes, I can successfully work to tight deadlines. Experienced both in teamwork and in working individually, I’m a team player with good communication skills and always ready to help or give my piece of advice.

Aleksandar J., Skopje/Macedonia
Senior iOS developer with project management and team leading skills. Strong at laying out software architecture and product development.

Very proficient in iOS application development with the ability to see projects from their very foundation to their successful end. Able and enthusiastic about speaking my mind and communicating effectively with teammates and clients, I contribute both with ideas and technical know-how. Solid time management and project estimation skills, development planning and analysis make me flexible and adaptable to both organizational and project-level changes. I have plenty of experience at providing guidance to visual designers as well as producers to ensure that applications follow best practices and meet requirements. I can solve complex engineering problems quickly and smartly and am always ready for adaptability and change. I contribute my ideas at various stages of the projects and am not afraid to adapt or alter the project later on. With a technical background, my strong sides are laying out application architectures, investigating solutions, and finding ways to innovate.

Anastasiia B., Tallinn/Estonia, Kyiv/Ukraine
Senior Mobile Developer with iOS,Android and Blockchain experience

Specific to details, always care about quality and the final result of the project. Well organized, prefer the logical approach to achieving objectives.

Goran S., Skopje/Macedonia
Senior Mobile (iOS, Android), and backend (rails) developer.

Software developer with over 7 years of experience in mobile and backend API development. Hard working and great teammate willing to share the knowledge with the teammates. Keeps up with the latest technologies, and always tries to identify the best solution.

Ivan N., Lviv/Ukraine, Krasnodar/Russia Federation, San Francisco/USA
iOS Platform Solution Engineer (Swift / Objective-C)

Proven and responsible iOS application developer with experience in startups. Having excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills and exceptional ability to work in a fast-paced high-pressure environment, I haven't only completed the given tasks but also met their deadlines while starting from scratch.

My main goal is the creation of exclusively high-quality products, with elaborated user-friendly interface and smooth workflow, which impresses users. For this, I pay attention to things like user experience, UI design, efficient algorithms, multithreading etc.

Passionate to seek new diverse horizons of technology and take them as a challenge by putting all of my energy to resolve problems efficiently.

Bogdan I., Tallinn/Estonia, Kyiv/Ukraine
Senior iOs developer

Software engineer with 7+ years of experience in software development.
Started with games and game alike application (both in outsource and product companies), worked in small to medium teams on various projects such as communication framework, golf club schedule helper, genealogy app, children therapeutic system and so on. Took part in a development process for customers like Royal Bank of Canada, Travel Channel, MyHeritage, Propy, Platin and BICS.
I have iOS development as main and solid background but also, I'm going to learn any interesting and useful technology. Aside from Swift and Objective C I'm interested and experienced to some degree in Python, C and GoLang.

Igor V., Kharkov, Ukraine
iOS Developer (Swift, Objective-C)

? 6+ year of experience in iOS development
? Experience in developing applications using Swift , Objective-C
? Good knowledge of OOP
? Experience in ARKit/SceneKit
? Experience in using Design patterns (MVC, MVVM)
? Good logical thinking, self-learning, high level of responsibility.
? Responsible, hard-working, result-oriented, creative and communicable,
team player.
? Good attention to details.

Jack K., Krakow/Poland, Stockholm/Sweden, Antwerp/Belgium
Senior iOS Developer & Team Lead

Senior Mobile Developer and Team Leader at Softnauts

IT skills:
Swift ?????
Objective-C ?????
Git ?????
Xcode ?????
iOS frameroworks & libraries ?????
SpriteKit and ARKit ?????
Core Animation ?????
Push Notifications ?????

Igor T., Cyprus, Odesa/Ukraine
Senior IOS (Swift, Objective-C) Developer

I'm a senior iOS developer from Ukraine with more than 7 years of total experience in commercial software development and more than 6 years in development for Apple products.
Technical background:
- Architecting components for iOS applications.
- Implementing new features for iOS applications.
- Debugging and deployment of iOS applications.
- Expertise in MVC, MVP patterns, Networking Solutions, Complex App Core Architectures and other.
- Deep understanding of client-server architecture, RestApi; HTTP, JSON, XML, multipart request
- Successful in using iOS frameworks, 3rd party frameworks (Alamofire, SwiftyJSON, Realm, RxSwift, Firebase, AFNetworking, MagicalRecord and other frameworks)
- git for version control
- Сreating Static reusable Libraries or Classes •Integration of social media features (Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter etc).
- Experience working with Apple Push Notifications, MapKit, Core Data.
- Developing Custom UI Views.
- SpriteKit & SceneKit.

Kirill U., San Francisco/USA, Kharkiv/Ukraine
Senior iOS Engineer Team Lead

6 years of iOS development
Experience in major programming languages, databases, operating hardware and software.
Technology evaluation and business requirements analysis skills. Carried out customer interviewing, requirements specification, use case and business flow modeling, user interface prototyping.
Gathering requirements, establishing development goals, estimating tasks and projects.
Strong problem-solving, communication and time management skills.

Roman K., Ivano-Frankivsk/Ukraine
IOS developer with more than 7 years of experience

Roman is a very responsible developer, always open to communication with the client and ready to share his experience, as well as provide relevant and sustainable recommendations. His expertise includes JavaScript, Objective-C and Swift programming languages; Alamofire, CoreLocation, Realm, Core Animation, and Foundation libraries and frameworks; Xcode, iOS SDK and Git development tools; JSON, REST, MVC, UIKit and MVVM Patterns.

Volodymyr S., Lviv/Ukraine, Seattle/USA
Senior iOS developer

I am a professional mobile developer and technical lead with 7 years of experience working with iOS, OS X. I always do the work as if I’m doing it for myself. Because of that I always get the positive results and provide the highest quality. I have huge experience developing on iOS frameworks as cocos-2d, cocos-2dx.

Ivan P., Kyiv/Ukraine
Lead iOS and Android software engineer

Ivan has more than 5 years of working experience in developing mobile applications designing systems from scratch. Mostly worked with native programming for iOS and Android platforms. Also had the experience in developing OS X desktop applications. Has an ability to work on a few projects simultaneously and leading mobile teams.

Also, always open to learning new technologies, sharing knowledge among colleagues, proposing to make the product better with own suggestions.

Anton M., Kharkiv/Ukraine
Senior Mobile Developer (iOS, Android), ML&CV Engineer

I’m a Senior Mobile Developer with over 10 years in the mobile app development industry.

I focus on:
• Native mobile development
• Machine learning, computer vision
• Design, development, and support of large enterprise software projects
• Database solution design, development, and maintenance
• Prototyping
• Porting

Programming Languages:
• C#, Java, Objective-C, Swift

• Android, iOS, Windows Mobile

Having successfully completed over 50 projects, I’ve learned to find the most balanced mobile app architecture that is fast, secure, and scalable. Leveraging the solid foundation of my experience and skills, I will happily assist you in building the most incredible mobile application for your specific needs.

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