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Hire Pre-Vetted Remote
Spring Developers

Hire Pre-Vetted Remote
Spring Developers

Top Dev is an exclusive marketplace of pre-vetted elite remote Spring Developers. Leading firms and startups choose Top Dev to hire top tech talent on-demand for their most important projects.

Top Dev is an exclusive marketplace of pre-vetted elite remote Spring Developers. Leading firms and startups choose Top Dev to hire top tech talent on-demand for their most important projects.

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HOW IT WORKS How to Hire with Top.dev

HOW IT WORKS How to Hire with Top.dev

It all starts with a briefing call to understand your requirements. We aim to go from call to presenting your first matches in 48 hours.

THE TOP 1% TALENTHire Elite Pre-Screened Spring Developers

Check out some of the talent we work with. Please note that names and images have been changed to preserve the privacy of our talent.

Vitalii B., Cyprus, Odesa/Ukraine
Python (Django) and Java (Spring) developer

Good knowledge of object-oriented and aspect-oriented programming paradigm.
Recently I used Python, Java and Erlang intensively.
Good knowledge of Django, Twisted, Java Spring framework, Spring Security, Hibernate, Liferay Portal, Jquery, object storage systems and much more.
I developed DB architectures and maintained storages using all popular RDBMS's in
various configurations, including clusters, as well as NoSQL platforms, like OpenStack Swift and Riak.CS.
Knowledge of packaging in Debian. I supported corporate Debian mirror and created
custom Debian packages.

Dmytro V., Lviv/Ukraine
Java/Spring Engineer with experience of developing software for retail and enterprise

I have more than 4 years of experience in software development.
During this time I've been involved in 7 software projects. I worked on architectural structure, detection of issues and their resolving, as well as performance improvements.
My core technology stack is Java, Spring, Redis, J2EE, JS and other.
I have experience in OOP, development of small and large systems with Java and Java-based frameworks.
I am self-organized, have quick learning ability, and result-driven.

Igor S., Lviv/Ukraine
Strong Middle Java/Spring Engineer

Highly-motivated and skilled Java Developer with 3 years of experience in software development.
Previously worked for GoDaddy (world's largest domain registrar) as a Java developer. Was involved in projects related to the development of microservices for the payment gateway and also enterprise real-time analytics platform that uses big data technologies (cassandra, kafka).

Mykhaylo K., Lviv/Ukraine
Software Architect with Ph. D. Degree in Computer Science.

Over 15 years of experience in different IT technologies including design and implementation of cloud-based mission-critical applications, platform integration, consulting, training, and more
¦ Specialties: Architecture of enterprise systems;
¦ Software outsourcing;
¦ Offshore software development.

Oleh S., Lviv/Ukraine, London/United Kingdom
Solution Architect at Lemberg Solutions

Has 18+ years of engineering experience. He worked with project teams and clients to develop and rollout various software solutions. Excellent interpersonal, analytical and communication skills.

Dmitriy S., Kharkiv/Ukraine
A developer with a strong academic background and 8 years of commercial Java experience.

Ability to think through a problem coupled with the confidence to make ideas heard. A proven ability to maintain and enhance company software with the aim of improving operational functionality in line with business requirement. Team Lead with experience of working through all stages of a development project. Ability to manage own projects. Having a logical approach to problem solving. Understanding of professional software development practice. Able to communicate complex issues to a large range of stakeholders at all levels. Knowledge of differing methodologies.

Andrii P., Kharkov, Ukraine
Senior/Lead/Architect Software Developer with more than 6+ years of professional experience

• 6+ years of professional expertise in the Information Technologies (IT) industry;
• Solid experience in Java and related technologies;
• Experience in development of web and network-related applications.

Luis Guillermo V., Guadalajara/Mexico
Java Backend Expert!

Java Backend expert with more than 9 years experience
Had worked in multiple web system of different areas like healthcare, finance, media

Andriy K., Lviv/Ukraine
Senior Java Architect. Works with e-commerce, blockchain. Has 15+ years experience.

CTO. I have 15+ years practical experince and more than a dozen of engineering teams created from scratch for various clients of different sizes.
I enjoy designing elegant technical solutions to complex projects and learning new technologies. I like to solve complex problems and there is no difference for me is it connected with programming or with other part of our life.
I'm happy when my brain can work with full power. And it is important for me to reach a final goal, to bring my ideas to life and see that my solutions help and bring value.
My new area for development is blockchain.

Nazar O., Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk/Ukraine
Java Developer with more than 4 years development experience including his role as a Team Lead

Java Software Engineer, driven by the desire to build great products, take ownership of solutions and code quality, with ability to work in fast iterative environment .

Vitalii S., Kharkov, Ukraine
Passionate Java/Scala Developer/ Full Stack Developer

? More than 6 years of experience in developing applications using Java
? More than 4 years of experience developing in Scala using Play framework
? Strong knowledge of AWS services such as EC2, S3, SES, SQS (more than 3 years of experience working with AWS)
? More than 5 years of experience in MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL
? More than 6 years of experience in basic front-end stack (HTML, CSS, JS, Ajax)
? Experience in Angular JS
? Experience in ML
? Excellent knowledge in OOP.
? Good knowledge in programming JDBC, Hibernate.
? Experience in using Design patterns.
? Good logical thinking, self-learning, high level of responsibility.
? Responsible, hard-working, result-oriented, creative and communicative, team player.


Functional Programming Principles in Scala
Functional Program Design in Scala
Parallel programming
Algorithms: Theory and Practice. Methods

Vadym F., Lviv/Ukraine
Senior Java Developer with a hunger for new challenges

Software engineer with thorough hands-on experience of application development with almost 7 years of experience. Supportive and enthusiastic team player dedicated to streamlining processes and efficiently resolving project issues.

Danila T., Minsk/Belarus
Senior Full-stack developer with 5 years of experience in software development.

I am fast learner, responsible Java developer with a desire to solve challenging tasks and learning new technologies. I do not like procrastination and I always strive to create a quality product.

Andrei K., Minsk/Belarus
Senior Java developer with good experience of working on different kind of projects (enterprise systems, web and mobile apps).

Java developer. Diverse experience in using Java tools in creation of desktop application, web and client-server environments including Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE), Java Server Pages (JSP), Java Servlets and Java database Connectivity (JDBC) technologies. Good knowledge in SQL and database management system SQLite, PostgreSQL and MySQL, also have an experience.

Artem R., Kharkov/Ukraine
Senior Java Developer

• 5+ years of experience in Java development of large-scale enterprise level solutions and background with JavaScript
• Experience in configuring and supporting the server infrastructure;
• Knowledge of modern Java libraries such as Spring framework;
• Strong understanding of Microservices approach
• Knowledge and experience with front end technologies;
• Ability to perform in a fast-paced agile environment;
• Ability to work as both a team member and independently;
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;

Vlad B., Minsk/Belarus
Senior Scala developer having good experience in developing Web and Enterprise Applications.

Senior Scala developer with a solid knowledge of Java core and other technologies, strong motivation and desire to work in this industry. In the previous locations of my work I found myself like a good team player with ability to handle stress, to perform complex tasks quickly and efficiently. I know that in my work I can show myself as a strong link, I'm not afraid of responsibility, I study quickly, and consequently, in the short term, I can return money to a company that will invest in me. Self-motivated, responsible and rational person with mind focusing on problem solving and getting result.

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