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Hire Pre-Vetted Remote
UX Developers

Hire Pre-Vetted Remote
UX Developers

Top Dev is an exclusive marketplace of pre-vetted elite remote UX Developers. Leading firms and startups choose Top Dev to hire top tech talent on-demand for their most important projects.

Top Dev is an exclusive marketplace of pre-vetted elite remote UX Developers. Leading firms and startups choose Top Dev to hire top tech talent on-demand for their most important projects.

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HOW IT WORKS How to Hire with Top.dev

HOW IT WORKS How to Hire with Top.dev

It all starts with a briefing call to understand your requirements. We aim to go from call to presenting your first matches in 48 hours.

THE TOP 1% TALENTHire Elite Pre-Screened UX Developers

Check out some of the talent we work with. Please note that names and images have been changed to preserve the privacy of our talent.

Oleksandr M., Kiev/Ukraine;Irvine,CAL/USA
Creative and efficient design professional with over 10 years of experience in web, UX/UI, product design and branding.

Team player with strong management skills, able to bring successful projects from concept to completion to market in time.

Yuriy M., Lviv, Ukraine
Senior UI/UX designer & CEO

It's much cheaper to fix issues and make changes when a concept is just a sketch. More than five years of experience and my endless love for Product Design motivated me to start my own interface design course at University.

I have experience in designing apps for startups and in helping multi-billion companies to bring new products to the market, teaching dozens of people to bring new concepts to life.

My most substantial experience is in the area of Web Apps. But sometimes I design Marketing Pages and Mobile Apps.

Also, I am in love with technology. I know some python programming, web and Arduino development. I know lots about IoT, smart home, vending technologies, law.

Den S., Lviv/Ukraine
Product designer, Head of UX design office

Den Sliusarchuk is a Product designer and Head of UX design office, with 6 years of experience in UI/UX design and more than 7 years in project management and marketing. Business education allows Den better understand customer's business and needs and use this to create a better product. Combination of business education and design practice allows Den to use his skills and qualification in product design. Den likes to work on big challenging projects with complicated AI, different roles etc. He is very detail-oriented, likes to create integral style guides, ensuring that a consistent design language is applied to the product. He can provide user testing and improve the usability, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Elisa G., Barcelona/Spain, Mar del Plata , Argentina
UX/UI Designer with leadership experience

I am passionate about creating solutions and nourishing the human-centered vision of design. The world we live in is filled with flaws which can be fixed if we share ideas, inspire each other and have fun while we create the world we want to live in.
At work I love mentoring teams, creating workshops and giving talks.

Supervise the progress of every design project for tech, mobile, web or brand analyses.
Define methodology used to work in each new project or ongoing projects.
Works closely with the design and development team to create new controls to be implemented by the development team.

Check out more of our work at www.lateralview.co !

Halyna K., Lviv, Ukraine
A seasoned UX expert with solid QA experience.

I am a strong advocate of users in general and I believe in HCD specifically. In God I trust, the rest I test. This was my motto when I used to be a QA Engineer and I still strongly believe in it. I am convinced that good design without testing may happen only by chance.

Anton K., Sumy/Ukraine, Daytona Beach, Florida/USA
UX/UI Specialist | Interactive prototypes | Wireframes | Project Manager

My task is to understand your business requirements and users’ needs and translate them into perfect UX prototypes.

I am interactive prototyping expert with over 6 years experience. I have strong knowledge of UX/UI principles, follow leading design trends and build prototypes according to user-centered design approach.

My team and I designed and developed well-tested and winning solutions for 50 clients, and I have expertise in preparing:

- low to high wireframes
- interactive prototypes
- UX and UI design
- preparing initial project’s documentation
- project planning

Oksana S., Lviv/Ukraine
Experienced designer with 4 years of UX/UI web and mobile design

Oksana is experienced UX/UI designer, working on big enterprise projects and leading design interns at Qubstudio for 4 years now. Her portfolio of projects includes Finance (10+ projects), real estate, entertainment, and other domains.

Having art education and strong beliefs in user-centric principles, Oksana always comes up with creative ideas, vivid visuals and emotionally bonding interface solutions.

Yuriy H., Lviv, Ukraine
Senior lead UI/UX designer with a solid technical background.

I don't just do pretty. I do design that works.

My vast design experience accompanied by my technical background results in my deep understanding of my customers' products.

Iryna S., Lviv, Ukraine
Lead UX/UI Designer, Problem Solver

I am an expert at UX/UI Design, and I would be happy to assist you with your project. I have plenty of experience in building the product from scratch - from idea to a final product. I do market research, user flows, wireframing, prototyping, user testing, UI design, etc.

I also bring to the table keen attention to your business goals, including market and competitive research. With me, you can expect to brainstorm product features, receive feedback (and pushback) on your roadmap when relevant, and generally count on me as a sounding board.

Lucrecia F., Buenos Aires/Argentina
UX & Service design expert

Helping startups and companies in the detection of new opportunities and innovation based on Service design methodology.

We empathize with your business ideas and your clients’ needs, as we firmly believe that great teamwork enables to co-create powerful solutions.

Maksim T., Mariupol/Ukraine
Senior eCommerce design UX/UI

I am an eCommerce design expert. But if you wanna know to be better, just get acquainted with my jobs. My direct specialization is design developing for Shopify web shops, themes production, and customization. I have a seven-year experience of web and print design. With our team we specializing in e-commerce projects production. Our clients are our partners. This is a key ideology. We are open for better solutions, expert consult.

My web design includes:
- identification of the targeted audience;
- wireframe layouts;
- concept and dynamic elements behaviour;
- customizing the color scheme of the project;
- detailed design layout;
- adaptation for mobile devices and tablets;
- a detailed description of the characteristic behavior of the interface for transfer to the following stages of development i.e. guidelines;
- brand book development.

Anton L., California/USA, Tallinn/Estonia, Kiev/Ukraine, Kharkiv/Ukraine, Lviv/Ukraine
Experienced UI/UX Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry. Strong media and communication professional.

Anton helps business build visual communication. Calm and careful attitude to criticism, listen and offer solutions. Now he focuses on developing designs for web and mobile applications and he does all his best to grow as a specialist.

Olga P., Ukraine, Kharkiv
Creative UI/UX Designer with a comprehensive experience in product design

I have artistic higher education, a desire to learn a new one, experience in different spheres, experience working on large and complex projects, good skills in working with a team. I work with user flow, user story, UX research, customer journey map, personas, information architecture, wireframing, rapid prototyping, design system, UI design, composition and coloristic, motion animation for interaction, illustration

Nina P., Kiev/Ukraine;Irvine,CAL/USA
Creative and efficient design professional with 10 years of experience in web, UX/UI, product design and branding.

UI/UX Designer with the deep understanding of the project. Team player with strong communicational skills and excellent experience.

Zauri G., Kyiv/Ukraine
5 years in design, UX/UI and Web design admirer

Involved in media for 4 years and have always seen himself in this profession. Loves everything that has to do with digital media, user experience, web, mobile, branding, package design and print. Zauri loves working with people, especially when they have the same passion for design that he does. Hobbyist photographer, music admirer.

Kateryna V., Lviv/Ukraine
Experienced designer has more than 3 years of hands-on experience in UX/UI design.

Kateryna's true passion is product design. She works closely with the team of a client in order to define the requirements and design interfaces, flows, and interactions.
She is focused to meet specifications, use best practices, and design principles to provide a comprehensive user experience.
As a UX designer, she is using her knowledge and unique expertise to foresee the right product direction and turn ideas and concepts into a workable design.
Kateryna has a strong expertise in producing wireframes, prototypes, style guides and hi-fidelity designs. Moreover, she explores and advocates the simple, elegant solutions to complex problems. She has strong attention to detail and keeps an eye on pixel perfect design.

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